Q: Hey Sergey! Could you tell a bit about yourself? What are you working on right now? 
             A: Hey! My name is Sergey. I’ve been working at Yandex for the last five years as a product designer. I got a change to contribute to Yandex.Music and Yandex.Browser. Three years ago we launched a totally new project — Yandex.Praktikum, where I manage all things design as a lead designer.  

             Q: What gives you inspiration? 
             A: Apart from work, I spend my time teaching aspiring designers and leading webinars and workshops. Work with students gives me motivation to stay up to date with trends in design, learn something new and seek some gaps in my knowledge. I also love drawing and keep some sort of graphic journal. 

             Q: So, what’s next for you? 
             A:  I am focused now on art direction and design management. I am building processes and manading designers within my team. I sincerely believe that good design makes life better. You should learn how to balance form and function, and the world will become a better place!